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Plasma Cutting

Welding and Hardfacing/Cladding

Welding and Hardfacing/Cladding

Plasma Cutting

For virtually any annealing operation, Covai Air Products has an atmosphere that’s ready to perform. Whether you are annealing ferrous or nonferrous metals, our wide range of atmosphere solutions can ensure that your special atmosphere requirements can be fully satisfied.

Since many of our atmospheres contain none of the unreacted hydrocarbons that are typically found with traditional exothermically-generated atmospheres, the improvement in surface quality often allows for a significant reduction in post-heat treatment cleaning or pickling costs, sometimes by as much as 80%. We also have a cooling application for temper rolling.

CryoEase® Micro bulk Solutions – Gas Supply Made Simple

A compact on-site cryogenic tank that is regularly replenished by a specially-designed delivery vehicle. Covai Air Products’ CryoEase® micro bulk service offers the advantages of bulk supply to smaller volume users of oxygen and nitrogen users.

  • Saves time – no more handling or changing of cylinders
  • Saves space – the tank can be sited conveniently to relieve valuable floor space
  • Peace of mind – our Gas Management system automatically schedules regular deliveries, saving you the hassle of chasing orders or waiting for deliveries

Constant and reliable supply with a lower carbon footprint— you can reduce the number of gas deliveries to your business since Covai Air Products looks after your order planning, fulfillment, and delivery.

Our Supply Options,

Covai Air Products can help you determine the most economical supply option for your particular application and geographic location. Industrial gases are typically provided in gaseous and liquid form through a variety of supply systems.

  • A range of gases, technologies, and services for metal fabrication, whether you are welding, cutting, thermal spraying, brazing, or gouging.

  • The traditional solution for low volume gas supply. Cylinders can be supplied in a full range of sizes from 10 to 50 liters, pressures, and gas purities for a wide range of gases and gas mixtures. For larger volumes, mani folded cylinder packs are available.

  • A convenient and cost-effective solution for larger operations. CryoEase® tanks are available in a range of sizes. The CryoEase® service simplifies your gas supply by eliminating the need to handle cylinders, stock taking, and ordering.

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